Don't mess with her, seriously

What It Is About
Okay, I have to admit that I went to see the movie, Wanted just because I am hoping Angelina Jolie will make a scene such as in Beawolf where she appears naked - digitally or so as they said. And it seems I am not wasting anytime watching this action pack movie.

Adaptation, Action, Adventure, Supernatural

R for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and some sexuality

Running Time
1 hour 48 minutes

Timur Bekmambetov

James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Terence Stamp, Thomas Kretschmann

About Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) who really live up to be a pathetic man. His best friend fucks his girlfriend, his big fat and psychology torturer master always boil up his temper, low bank account and he thought he always has panic attacks (which is actually due to his heart that pumping 400 times per minute). Then, the damn hot Fox (Angelina Jolie) came to tell him that his-left-when-I-was-a-kid father has died. Thus, Wesley was asked to join the Fraternity - a group of assassins answering to a supernatural authority - which basically a textile machine driven by 'fate' and being trained to become as good as his father as a superstar assassin. In order to store back the order of fate and preserve the Fraternity, Wesley discover a secret that Sloan (the Fraternity chief - Morgan Freeman) were hiding. Finally he needs to decide who he want to become - a assassin or an accountant behind the cubicle.

Worst Of It
  • As I stated earlier, I went to see Wanted just to watch Angelina Jolie in actions. Guiding by an amazing trailer and poster (that has picture of Angelina Jolie half of it), I accidently was brought to believe that the main character is actually Angelina Jolie. Which is not, the main character in the movie is actually James McAvoy who plays Wesley Gibson's character. Nevertheless, Angelina sure stole the most of the movie poster and trailer. I felt cheated!
  • Okay, who actually stupid enough to follow orders from a textile machine (fate and destiny came along the line) to murder people? Before long we will all be following orders from fax machine, blinking of street lamps and the any misspelled by printed newspaper.

What Likely Not To Be In It
  • Angelina Jolie half - Brad Pitt and their children

Any movie that has scene like this,is worth watching!

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Why You Should Watch It?
  • The actions which pack with special effects are quite impressive
  • The story line is solid and has very clear direction (I even don't know what I mean by that), but it also has a twist in the end of it
  • It has kicking ass Angelina Jolie in it (and glimpse of her hot body) - what more could you ask for?
Bluecrystaldude's Rating:

Nice action packing movie. The special effects are much more better than The Incredible Hulk, and I actually kinda enjoy the film.

Other Review About This Film:
  • IMDB - 7.6/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes - 73%
  • Rogerebert.com - 3 stars "Wanted slams the pedal to the metal and never slows down."
  • Chicago Metromix - 2 stars "Wesley learns that a gifted few just need their instincts to curve a bullet around a corner. Stay tuned for our petition asking to revoke the 2nd Amendment from David Beckham"
  • Film Critic - 3.5 stars "After embodying a benevolent God in various comedies, Freeman goes ice cold as a devilish killer"
  • Rolling Stone - 3/4 " Wanted is what I'd call a guilty pleasure. Translation: It's trash, but I love it anyway"
  • SeattlePi.com - B "Her (Angelina Jolie) wicked moves and seductive smirk brand her immediately as a true believer who really, really loves her work"
  • USA Today - "Wanted is silly and far-fetched. And if it didn't back up its ridiculous plot with spellbinding visceral energy, it would have been a dismal failure"
  • Common Sense - 4 stars "Wanted is a bold, burly knockout action film that's immensely stylish and superbly shot, but it's also astonishingly violent and graphic"
  • Rope of Silicon - B+ "The plot twists and turns and Bekmambetov shows his ability for outlandish CG driven chase scenes more than once, and while they may be outlandish and may even give you a laugh"
  • Reelz Channel - "How can a movie about assassins be so... inspiring?"