David Beckham Advertistment


Photo: Slideshow

People all around are making lots of fuss about the latest ads by David Beckham for Armani underwear. Not just San Francisco where the advert was displayed, but the heat from it could be felt around the globe. The main question remain is, whether or not the photo is strategically stuffed, which some even said by the last turkey stuffing, by a sock (make it two) or Photoshop just make it wonder yet again.

The Sun frantically follows up this story by adding a live witness' statement, quote,
"San Francisco hasn’t seen anything like this for years. There were thousands of girls there to see David and his new Armani ad. And they were all going crazy. They were screaming and pushing each other to try and get a closer look. When the ad was unveiled, there was a collective ‘ooh’ before the screams started again. Seriously, it was like Beatlemania scenes. David thought it was funny."

The invasion of David's and his family to America continue. Football soccer, entertainment, paparazzi and now a bigger than life ads. I am sure there are more to come.