Party, Sex, Gamble and Married in Vegas

What Happen In Vegas

What it is about?

Two strangers awaken together to discover that they have gotten married following a night of debauchery in Vegas. . . and that one of them has won a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. The newlyweds devise ever-escalating schemes to undermine each other and get their hands on the money - only to find themselves falling in love amidst the mutual backstabbing.

Romantic comedy

PG-13 for some crude sexual content, and language, including a drug reference

Running time:
1 hour, 39 minutes

The story is about Joy (Cameron Diaz) who is a Wall Street workaholic and obsessive planner, and Jack (Ashton Kutcher) who can't keep a job even his father is the boss. Trying to forgot their own personal problem (did I mention that Joy was dumped by her fiancé, in a hallway as guests waiting to surprise him for his birthday? What a surprise indeed) they went to Las Vegas (at the beginning separately, of course) with each of their best friend. They ended up with partying, sex, married and gambling, in that order. They then won a 3 million dollars jackpot and had to try to resolve their married for 6 months. After all the drama and backstabbing, which include wild party, strippers, overly disgusting behaviors - like eating popcorn taken out directly from inside his pajama's pant, they finally happy together.

What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas | Evelyn Boksebeld

Bottom Line:
  • A readable story line
  • A perfectly sculpture from romantic comedy mold
  • Queen Latifah (as their marriage counselor) adds nothing to the spice
  • Although Diaz is not as funny as Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck, Kutcher and Diaz is indeed a great couple together
  • The movie was funny mainly due to Jack's best bud, Hater (Rob Corddry) and Joy's best pal, Tipper (Lake Bell) dialogs and actions
  • For pervert normal people out there, you could see Kucther in his boxer and Diaz in her bra - nice (evil grin)
Not Likely To Be In It:
Kutcher and Diaz having sex. I can't believe the director forget to add this scene. Who knows that they may even be nominated in Oscar because of the scene?

Not worth watching it in cinema as you will soon forgot about it as you step out form the theater. My advice: just grab or download this movie and enjoy it with couple of friends.

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