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What would you do when you meet a woman with a snout and long ears? Yes, just like a pig. Most of us will run away, except for those who have a very high level of amusement. For many time, this condition happen to Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci). She was born with a pig's face thanks to her great great great grandfather, Leonard Wilhern. Leonard Wilhern has an affair with his servant, and soon, she was eating for two. However, he married a wealthy girl arranged by his family instead.

The servant jumped off the cliff and her mother cursed the Wilhern family; that the next girl born into the Wilhern family would look like a pig. The only way to break the curse is for Penelope to find "someone of her kind who loves her for who she is". And that she is Penelope. When she is old enough, Jessica, Penelope's mum begin a tireless search for a young man of equal standing to marry her daughter. But when she finally met him, Max (James McAvoy) is actually not the person who he says he is.

Why you should watch it:
  • A feel good movie flaunted by many strong cast and sure will leave you with a smile
  • Reese Witherspoon's first project as a leading producer as well as actress in the film
  • A good movie for all ages!
Why you should not watch it:
  • If you think a pig is a disgusting animal
  • You like to make fun off weirdos

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