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Katy Perry for Complex cover

Katy Perry is looking HOT in the latest cover of Complex. "It’s a bit of a darker side of me, a little S&M". Read her interview about the photoshot, her relationship with Perez Hilton and her men's type. Continue reading for more of her amazing photos!

Katy Perry

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Perez Hilton would’ve had a field day with that one. He seems to be a big fan of yours—how cool are you two?

Katy Perry: Everyone wakes up and that site is like breakfast. He shits on everyone. He draws [semen] dots on my nose, out of my vagina. I’ve gotten to know him over the past year and he discovered me through Mika, who he loves and who’s an amazing artist as well. Perez knows that I like to keep it all about the music, he knows my grind is hard and I work every single day and nothing is for free—I’m not just some fucking idiot, wasted pop starlet that’s lost on an island somewhere.

[Source: Complex]

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