How to Train Your Dragon – Super Cute!

How to Train Your Dragon 1

This movie is loosely based on 2003 book with the same title. It is about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, a son of the chief Viking (voiced over by Gerard Butler) who is not exactly build as a Viking. He is small, skin (compared to all those buffy Vikings in his village) and he doesn’t have any interest of killing any dragons whatsoever. His village always attacked by dragons; all of them whom had their own catchy names. The hideous and bulldog liked; “Gronckle”, sneaky little “Wrong”, and the super cute “Night Fury”. Hiccup later named the Night Fury, Toothless.

Anyway, Hiccup, voiced over by Jay Baruchel, somehow finds a way to dragon’s nest that all other Vikings lead by his dad is looking for. However, after the Chief Viking knew about this nest, he attacks the nest and released a humongous, big fat, super angry dragon that other dragons have been feeding him. Thus, Hiccup as a savior comes.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
The story is filled with eye-candy, amazing details (especially the hair) and loveable characters. Toothless at times look like a cat, sneaking around the rocks and watching Hiccup from afar. Dragons apparently eats fishes and sheep, but afraid of eel. Just like cats and dogs, they love to be scratched!

Overall, the movie has interesting story line, well developed characters and amazing graphic. Bluecrystaldude gives 4/5 stars. Check out How to Train Your Dragon posters HERE. Have you watch it? What do you think about the movie?