Who is Travis Garland?

Travis Garland

Well, I am sure by now you have watched American Idol results show which saw Casey James was cut off a week before finale. In the show Travis Garland and Justin Biebier were performing. When Perez Hilton introduced Travis, I was like, who the hell is Travis Garland?

"I heard it and I was instantly blown away, like, 'Wow, I like this better than Timberlake!" - Perez Hilton.

Okay, after watching his performed, I hate to defy the mighty Perez Hilton, but Travis sure can dance. Is he better than Justin Timberlake? Well, maybe not that better, but in the same category though.

Oh and he has very commercialize look too. He looks like Enrique Iglesias a little bit isn't he?

A short background on Travis Garland:

Perez Hilton discovery Travis Garland, a 20-year-old singer who just released his first single "Believe," is not a stranger to the music industry. Garland was in the short-lived boy band NLT (Not Like Them) but now is setting off as a solo artist.

and you can read more on Perez Hilton's interview with Entertainment Weekly here.

Travis Garland Single Believe
Check out Travis Garland performance on American Idol below:

Well, what do you think about him??

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