The Spanking New My Little Black Pot!

Spanking New My Little Black Pot

Sorry for missing out lately. I have to prepare for my interview sessions that were held on the last Thursday and yesterday (Monday). The interviews went like any other interviews I have attended; filled with uncertainty - will talk more on that topic in Hot Shit Form Here.    

Spanking New My Little Black Pot

Anyway, now I am back online and I have tonnes of things to share with you! Just hope that I have enough time to write them all. To start off this new month, I have changed My Little Black Pot layout! My favorite part was making the background wallpaper. I was inspired by ketupat (a traditional food made by Malays during Eid ul Fitr in Malaysia). Love the color palettes and I hope it will freshen up my site a little bit more. 

Do you like the overall look of My Little Black Pot? I need your responds to keep it alive! Cheers! 

Spanking New My Little Black Pot

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