Gossip Girl is Back!

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OMFG! I could not believe myself I went straight to watch Gossip Girl after my all my examinations over. I am try my best to avoid this kind of 'girly' TV series, but I always failed miserably. I blamed it on influences of my friends of course. That being said, after a while, I just take it like any of my guilty pleasure. Sit down and enjoy.

Honestly, who doesn't love a juicy gossips, affairs, breathtakingly beautiful and handsome people in one dish? Well, at least I do (and hundreds of my colleagues - seriously, it's downloading faster than Beijing's Olympic opening here). Truth need to be told, the first episode of the second season is a little bit too fast for me. On top of it, I am hoping that Serena and Dann Humphrey does not get back together that fast. It is only a first episode for God sake. I want more drama than a 'fake' kissing between Serena and Nate. Anyway, it is not a bad start.

I personally adore how the characters of Chuck and Blair were played. They really drive the show forward. Everyone wants to be his or her bad character for time to time. It is kinda relief to see our alter ego live in front of the TV.

Oh, how do you like the promotional pictures as I posted here? I would not mind to say that it also one of the reason I am rushed to watch the second season. LOL. Have a nice day!