Prison Break is Back Too!

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Honestly, I rarely watch Prison Break alone. Not that I am afraid or some sort like that, I just could not help myself to fast forward it every now and then. I am desperately want to know how it will ends in each episode. Thank God I usually downloaded it rather than wait for it to be aired on TV. Could you wait patiently every time it goes for commercial break? Damn. I will stress myself out after each episode.

It already episode 3 of the fourth installment of Prison Break before I get the chance to finish up this post. Overall review until this date, I think the writers already run out of ideas of how to 'break them out from prison'. The first season shows how Michael Scorfield try to break out his brother, Lincoln Burrows. Second season about how they managed their life after escape - just to end up back in the jail, Panama's jail to be exact.

Third season shows how they try to break out from Panama's jail and have to break out an inmate, James Whistler (a new character) with them. I enjoy the most this season where the gruesome murdering is just a daily food - isn't a jail suppose to feel like that? And now, come the fourth season of the installment.

So far, it goes quite well and in my expectation. This time they will do whatever it takes to stay out of jail. Even though, just like the second season of Gossip Girl, at the beginning of the two episodes (which aired back to back) it seems to moves at an acceleration speed (within 24 hours, they already found one of the six the 'Syllia') information needed to take down the company. Thank God the episode 3 slow everything down a little bit. I can't wait for more of it to come! And this time, I will make sure I watch it with my friends - so that I would not fast forward anything :D