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Since I love watching TV series so much and with the latest series include 90210, Chuck season 2, Fringe season 1, Gossip Girl season 2, Heroes volume 3, House M.D season 5, Prison Break season 4, Privileged season 1, Supernatural season 4, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2, How I Meet Your Mother season 4 and Knight Rider, I am pretty much jump to the chance of doing this tag. It was from my friend, Bintang4 from Snapshotcap. Thank you so much for tagging me!

Continue reading to see what I am in a TV series character! LOL

Damn.. I just hope I don't have to become John in Supernatural. I hate that guy. Sigh. Other than that, I like to be Peter Petrelli, seriously. With that eyes and body superpower, who doesn't want to be him? Nuts? While Michael Scofield seems an okay choice to be, of course you just had to forget that I am assuming that he has a brain tumor. Scratch that!

So, just follow this instruction below to participate in this entertaining tag!

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  1. Take some Personality Quiz here. At least 2 (two) of it.
  2. Post the result on your blog and then leave a comment here so that I can add it to a Which TV Shows Character Are You? master list.
  3. Pass this tag to a blogger who you think watch a TV Shows. OR, if you interested in having fun, just include yourself in.
  4. Update the list on your post regularly to ensure everybody gets equal link benefit.

Which TV Shows Character Are You?

1. Snapshotcap 2. Azlan 3. Lynn 4. My Little Black Pot 5. -You're next!

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