Top Entrecard Droppers - September

Just like last month, I would like to express my gratitude for these consistent droppers by credit them with 250 EC for top 3, 200 EC for number 4 till 6 and 150 EC for the rest of the top ten. However, I could only transfer those credits by batch. This week is for top 3, next week for top 6 and the last week for the rest of the remaining droppers. Continue reading to know who received it...

1. Stud Kickass: The Webcomic *up 2 spots than the last month*
2. Parched No More *new entry!*
3. Acakadut (deleted) *new entry!*
4. Hot Shit Form Here *slide 4 places down*
5. my review *new entry!*
6. Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot *new entry!*
7. Online Games *new entry!*
8. Cine *new entry!*
9. EzGreatLife *new entry!*
10. Superficial Gallery *new entry!*
Wow! There are so many new entries this month compared to the last month! You could check it here. As you may noticed, some of the blogs were deleted (by Entrecard I assumed) as it imposed new rules and regulations - you should already received the notification through your email. I do not know how to add up more than ten top Entrecard droppers like other blogs did (usually until 25 top most droppers), so I cannot give the credits to those who deserved it. Anyone could help me with this problem?

EC Transfer schedule:
Week 1: 1. Stud Kickass: The Webcomic, 2. Parched No More, 3. Acakadut (deleted)
Week 2: 4. Hot Shit Form Here, 5. my review, 6. Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot
Week 3: 7. Online Games, 8. Cine, 9. EzGreatLife, 10. Superficial Gallery

Please do remind me if you haven't yet received your EC when it is already your due week, and I am not yet to do so. Sometimes, I will busy (very busy) with my study until I forget to transfer the credit. Once again, thanks for dropping your Entrecard here, and congrats to all my Top Entrecard Dropper for September! Wish to see you again next month!