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15 years of Siti Nurhaliza

I believe, most if not all people in Malaysia know Siti Nurhaliza by now. Siti Nurhaliza has been a singing sensation since she was 16 years-old. Anyway, if you don’t know her, this is a quick snack of what you should know about Siti Nurhaliza:

Siti Nurhaliza

  • 18 Studio albums, 9 compilation albums and 5 live albums of 15 years of singing career
  • She has sold more than 3 million albums in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Her wedding Datuk Sri Khalid Muhammad Jiwa was televised to 6.3 million viewers nationwide with 10 Indonesian representatives to capture the moment
  • She has received more than 100 awards locally and internationally including three Malaysian Book of Records (First Malaysian artiste to perform a solo concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall (2205), Most Awards Won Artiste – 112 awards (2004) and Most Awards Won Artiste – 52 awards (2001))
  • Her list of awards has to be put in a different page in Wikipedia since it is too long

Siti Nurhaliza in Starbucks

Earlier this year, she launched her own line of beauty and cosmetic products called SimplySity. And one of my friends who is working with has kind enough to give me these following pictures from her personal collection to be shared with my readers. Thanks Ryuko Ieka! :)

SimplySiti Logo
SimplySiti 1
SimplySiti 2
SimplySiti 3
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If you want to listen to her voice, do check out their video below. The song entitled "Amarah" (anger); a collaboration with an Indonesia diva, Krisdayanti:

If anyone care to know my take on Siti Nurhaliza, well, for me she is a good singer, a kind person and business minded individual. Am I a big fan of her? Nope. Am I listening to all her songs? I don't think so. Do I hate her? I honestly believe no one is deserving of any hatred of any kind just because that person is beautiful, rich and has a talent and use it to her own benefits. No. So, what do you think of Siti Nurhaliza?

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