Stephen King’s IT (1990)

Stephen King's IT

I remembered watching Stephen King’s IT (1990) movie when I was a kid. It solidified my firm belief that clowns are scary. I cannot understand how kids nowadays imagine a clown as a friendly and colorful looking man that will make those cute animals’ balloons, sweets and candies. I rather being run over by a truck filled with 100 tones of cements than standing next to clowns.

Birthday Clowns
The closest I have been around the clowns was during one of my cousins’ birthday party few years back. I only managed to snap the back of this clown before running back inside the house. Sad, but true. Well, after stopping about 7 times; because some of the scenes were too intense, I managed to finish watching the movie without fast forward even one second (a real accomplishment here).

IT Clown
IT Clown
A short synopsis of the movie: Seven kids; Bill, Beverly, “Beep Beep” Richie, Eddie “Spaghetti”, Stan and Mike form the Losers Club. It is a social misfits group who meets and forms a close friendship with each others. They try to solve the child killing monster that is haunting their small hometown of Derry, Maine. The monster, in the physical form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown (later called IT because they do not know whether it is a male or female) will feed human mainly children in every 30 years. They manage to injure IT clown, but after 30 years, the child killing spare return to Derry. The kids who are already grown up go back to the town and try to kill the monster once and for all.

IT Clown
Stars: 4/5
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I am still not sure why younger kids LOVE clown. Perhaps none of them have watch Stephen King's IT movie. Nevertheless, do you afraid of clown like me? Enjoy your weekend guys :)

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