Err.. How Old is Miley Cyrus Again?

Miley Cyrus

I saw Miley Cyrus new video's Can't be Tamed. Thoughts?

1. She looks beautiful.
2. The music is catchy enough
3. The video look like Christina Aguilera's Fighter
4. Reminds me of Adam Lambert, female heterosexual version of course
5. Err.. How old is she again?

Thank God for a pretty tamed single cover:

Can't Be Tamed single cover

Check out some of the snapshot:

Can't Be Tamed Photo 1
Can't Be Tamed Photo 2
Can't Be Tamed Photo 3
Can't Be Tamed Photo 4
Can't Be Tamed Photo 5Oh and she can do pole dancing too! Good for her.

Can't Be Tamed Photo 6
Can't Be Tamed Photo 7

See for yourself below:

Well, compared to Christina Aguilera's Not Myself Tonight video (NSFW), Can't Be Tamed definitely just a pinch of taste of what Miley Cyrus can be in next few years. Nothing wrong with trying to show your sexy side to the whole world to see, after all, sex sell. But, perhaps they can do it in more demure way rather than.. this. Once again, Happy Music Monday!

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