Apple’s iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS

iOS 4

Since I haven't buy my own iPhone4, on June 22nd, I upgraded my iTunes 9.2 and without wasting any time updated my operating system of iPhone 3GS to iOS 4! The upgrading process when smoothly; it took me half an hour to download the 396.2 MB file and installation processing only took me about 15 minutes (not including sync process). And below are few notable changes:

You can choose different photos for your wallpaper; either for the Lock Screen or for Home Screen.

iOS 4iOS 4

Creating folders make it browsing friendly. I could reduce my pages from 10 pages to only 2 pages! You can also rename the folder personally. How to create a folder? Just drag the applications you want to be grouped together and the folder will create itself.

iOS 4iOS 4

Although this one is not really much an improvement; most of the applications are freeze and will resume when you’re on it back. I am not really a gamer, so I am not sure how the games work in multitasking mode but you can read about how terrible the multitasking with iOS 4 is HERE. Very interesting (and funny) post!

iOS 4

There you go. My verdict? Go for the upgrade! The functions are smoothly navigated, and the organized folders are very much helpful. For those who’re jailed break their phones, don’t worry, I heard someone is already managed to hack it!

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