Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads and World Cup 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads 1

Christiano Ronaldo's Armani ads wearing skimpy brief Armani were revealed ahead his appearance as the Portuguese captain of Group C in World Cup 2010. What do you think of Ronaldo's ads? Match David Beckham's Armani ads?

Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads 2

Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads 3

Are you watching World Cup 2010? I am not really a fanatic fan of World Cup, but I did watch few of the matches. Anyway, my interview with Sime Darby was postponed to next week, but I will still go to Kuantan on Thursday for a short family vacation. Have a nice day!

Christiano Ronaldo World Cup 2010

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