Dakota Fanning as Baby Spice

Dakota Fanning in Twilight

I did play soccer and my team was called the Spice Girls, I was Baby Spice. I was playing in a game one day and I got the ball for the first time and I was so excited and I was running and running.
There was nobody around me, I was thinking this is an easy game, then I kicked it into the goal and was so excited. I turned around and nobody was cheering for me and nobody was proud of me - and I then realized..
I'd kicked it in the wrong goal - so I quit soccer too.
I was traumatized!

Dakota Fanning in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The evil vampire in Twilight, Dakota Fanning showed her cute side in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She's 16 years-old already! Pheww!

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