(HOT) Courtney Love Provocatives Photos on Facebook

Not Safe For Work

According to Daily Mail, Courtney Love posted some provocatives photos on her Facebook page. I tried to find the pictures myself, but I think it already being taken down. These photos were taken a while back because now she has tattoos of flowers all over her body. Courtney Love's topless photos here (also NSFW). Nevertheless, check out those censored pictures below:

Courtney Love Provocatives Photos on Facebook
Courtney Love Crotch Grabbing Photo
Topless Courtney Love
Courtney Love Naked Photos
I did find one fan site page, which is most probably Courtney Love's official fan site page on Facebook since it has the most fans there, but to read those awful comments there are just devastating for me. Some of the comments here:

Courtney Love Fan Hatred Comments 1
Courtney Love Fan Hatred Comments 2
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She is just a poor human being who has trouble with drugs addiction and a really dark past (remember Kurt Kobain death?). Did she deserve it? I don't think so. Be strong girl!

Courtney Love

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