Dr Rozmey Killed His Own Movie: 2 Alam Review

2 Alam Poster
2 Alam poster featuring Dr. Rozmey
Dr Rozmey Jus Mate
The amazing, Dr. Rozmey

The Buzz

This is the most talked about movie in Malaysia right now; even though 80% of it is bad. 2 Alam was drowned by the cockiness of the producer, Dr Rozmey. Some of his statements:
Dr Rozmey 2 Alam
Opening day said to collect RM 2 Million
Boosted about the RM 40 Million estimated box office
1. 2 Alam will collect RM 40 million at the box office (5 times the highest grossing Malaysian movie)
2. It will be shown in all 700 screens in the country
3. Cinema operators will postpone Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 1 to make away to 2 Alam

Other OMG-what-do-you-think-you’re-doing things he did:

Dr Rozmey 2 Alam
Claimed that 2 Alam will be shown in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

1. Announced that he did not need media to promote his movie after media criticized his movie as “trash and waste of time and money”
2. The poster of 2 Alam featured himself and his production house
3. Went to a solo promotional tour signing autographs and taking photos with fans


"2 Alam" is about a transsexual named Amy, previously known as Adam bin Zainal, who commits suicide and whose body is brought back to his village for burial. While prepping his body for burial according to Islamic customs, strange incidents begin to arise.

My Review

Yes, I went to watch the movie yesterday. I try to keep an open mind without letting Dr. Rozmey haughty claims to cloud my mind. These are what I came out with:

1. The soundtracks used are good, but the sound effects are too much and sometimes at unnecessary scenes just to evoke pointless suspense
2. The makeups are way too much; even for the male actors! You can see clearly the different between the white face and the darker shades on neck
3. I can see the moral of the story very clearly. The message of the movie is projected well; changing what God’s gift to you is against in Islam. 2 Alam also touch on social problems in the society today; drinking alcohols and commit suicide
4. Even though the message is quite clear, the storyline is too simple and scenes were wasted by extended redundant flashbacks
5. The actors did their acting well; pardon all their makeup

At the end of the day, the movie did stir up your conscience and trigger your remorse. And for that, I gave the movie 2.5 stars. For the first baby from DR Movie Production, it is not a (totally) bad lemon after all. The movie most probably will sell better if not be drowned by the cockiness of Dr. Rozmey. In the end, he killed his own movie.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson next?

P/S: I can't wait to watch the next movie from Dr. Rozmey. He mentioned that he wants Pamela Anderson to be in his next film. I am sure it will pull together another box office miracle. 

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