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I saw this very interesting article on Karl Lagerfeld on his idea or comments on things in his world. Check it out!

On the house of Chanel: It was a sleeping beauty when I joined, still a beauty, but sleeping.

On the past: Everyone wants to pay respect, but if it's too much like a funeral parlour we all want to get away.

Coco's two mistakes: In the 60s, (Madame Chanel was born in 1883) she forgot that elegance has to change. She didn't like mini's and she thought blue jeans were horrible. Nobody wants to be told by an old lady.

On re-creating Chanel: No other house has the logo, the camellia, the pearls, the shoe with the black toe, the jewellery. I play with the elements like a musician plays with notes.

On computers: I am quite fascinated by the digital age. I don't use computers because my brain is supposed to do the same thing. But computers are beautiful; they look like Brancusi sculptures.

On happiness: I'm always in a bad mood, but only with myself. I'm never pleased with myself. I always think the next (collection) will be better.

On models: Chanel liked models who looked like what she thought she looked when she was young.

What was Coco like: I have met older men who knew her and who say she was charming. She was not a feminist and she was never a dyke. She hated women. She was only for men.

On ego: I have no 'me' personality, I am not on an ego trip.

On working for Fendi: I can capture - I have a strange gift - what they should express but cannot themselves.

On money: I am good with people who invest. Money makes money. If you don't invest, the box is closed.

On the price of haute couture: I don't have any guilt trips. If people buy couture, other people make a living.

On work: I am there to be used, but I like to be used the way I think I should be used.

On fashion: Today, the inexpensive and the very expensive have more value than the in-between.

On himself: "Who am I? I'm a cocktail.

On the Karl Lagerfeld label: It was in a way the poor child. It reflects the way I dress, but I am not obsessed with it.

On the future: I never think of what comes after me. I really don't care. I never think about the past or the future - only the moment.

As published in Telegraph

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