Black Swan

Black Swan 1

One of the best films I have watched in quite some times. The storyline was quite simple; a journey of a ballet dancer to perform a perfect dance as a Swan Queen. She has to be a White Swan and the Black Swan. The only problem was that she is the perfect fit for a White Swan, but still hasn’t found her darker side.

In her pursue of becoming a Black Swan, she found her evil side of herself. At this point of the movie, the border line between reality and hallucination blurred out. Natalie Portman is such an amazing actress. Although you can see how old she is, the fragile part of being a White Swan delivered well. The Black Swan’s side only can be seen at the end of the movie, and she excelled that part perfectly too.

Black Swan 2

All in all, the movie was mesmerizing, with few scenes injected some of the eerie feeling into the audiences. Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel and Natalie Portman delivered well throughout the movie. A must watch. I gave Black Swan 4.5/5 stars.

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