Are you Interested in Breast Milk Ice Cream?

Lady Gaga Breat Milk

Now you can actually buy a breast milk ice cream! Yes, the real breast milk. It was donated by 15 women and each serving will only cost you $22.50. The product, unmistakenly named after Lady Gaga was called Baby Gaga dessert went on sale at an ice cream parlour, Icecreamists in Covent Garden, London in February. It was sold out only hours after it went on sale. Rumors have it, there were up to 200 women had already asked whether they can donate their own breast milk for the making of ice cream.

Unfortunately, the local authority had siezed the ice cream for health and safety check. Breast milk could carry viral infections, including hepatitis. However, the manufacturers said that they used the same screening procedures as blood donation centres or milk banks in London.

On the other hand, your Highness, Lady Gaga is planning to sue The Icrecreamists Limited asking them to change the "Baby Gaga" name.
The letter accuses The Icecreamists of "taking unfair advantage of, and riding on the coattails of" Lady Gaga's trademarks in a manner that is "deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing".
Meanwhile, I was doing some Googling and saw a post in the Mothering forum asking for the recipe of making ice cream or milkshakes out of her breast milk.

Hi everyone,

I am looking for any recipes for making ice cream or milkshakes out of my breast milk. My MIL has leukemia, and I've read that breast milk has strong anti-cancer properties, and helps combat the side-effects of chemo. So I'm trying to find ways to make it appetizing for her. I've tried googling, but to no avail. Any ideas or recipes would be greatly appreciated.
It just come to prove that some weird view is just another one's normal view.

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