The Most Grueling Video I Ever Seen!


This easily could be the cruelest video clip I ever seen. I know M.I.A. (Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasm) from her 2007 album, Kala. The album was not bad, filled with heavily written lyrics and ranked one of the best albums of the year. My favorite song in it would be Paper Planes. So, when I got a buzz from one of my friends about M.I.A. latest single called Born Free, I frantically search in the internet for the music video. It turned out to be most intense 9 minutes of video clip. Born Free video was directed by Romain Gavras, a French director, was really hard to watch and swallowed.

Apparently, according to internet rumors this video was based on reality and remotely alludes to the discrimination of the Tamil ethnic group by the Sri Lankan government. Well, the truth is, after watching Miley Cyrus’ I Can’t Be Tamed and Christina Aguilera’s I Not Myself, I think this video definitely serves as a rude wake up call. This video was removed from YouTube on the same day it was put there.

Just a short summary of the video:

1. It contained a naked obese couple doing sex
2. Old man doing drug
3. Unnecessary violent police search
4. Shot point blank in the head
5. Bombs of ginger people (ethnic cleansing)

Old man smoking joints

Well, if you really want to watch it, do click here to watch it (definitely NSFW):

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